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Maryland Association for Justice, Inc. (MAJ) LawyerSearch is a free, find-a-lawyer service offered to the general public. All lawyers listed in MAJ LawyerSearch are members in good standing of MAJ. This is a public service of MAJ in Columbia, Maryland, a professional membership organization of more than 1,100 lawyers who practice throughout Maryland. To get started, accept the disclaimer, and then choose an area of law that matters to you from the menu.

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The lawyers listed do not represent a complete list of all lawyers practicing in the fields shown, nor does a listing mean that the attorney has had special training or has been certified as a specialist. Lawyers in these listings have paid a fee to be listed in MAJ LawyerSearch. The lawyer has selected areas of practice to list. A lawyer listing on MAJ LawyerSearch does not in any way constitute an endorsement by MAJ. Any complaints concerning attorneys listed on MAJ LawyerSearch should be directed at the Maryland Attorney Grievance Commission. 

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