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MAJ Statement on the COVID-19 (coronavirus) Outbreak

The Maryland Association for Justice profoundly supports our health care providers in this time of great challenge and need.  All levels of government and the citizens of Maryland must support these individuals and do everything in our power to keep these persons safe.  Their ability to continue to keep us all safe and perform their vital services is directly contingent on our collective assistance and respect.
To that end the Maryland Association for Justice encourages:

  • Federal, state and local governments to provide all resources necessary to keep health care providers safe;
  • Aggressive preventative measure be instituted;
  • Fully fund necessary research;
  • Heed the advice of medical professionals to practice “social distancing” and minimize interpersonal contact;
  • Reserve emergency services for true emergencies;
  • Respect the health and safety of medical professionals;
  • Give blood!
  • Do your part to help flatten the curve. 

The pandemic is all our responsibility but the front line in the battle to overcome this crisis are our health care professionals.  We must respect and support them in every way during this time of extreme need.