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2012 Family Law Master Class: How Maryland’s Masters Want Divorce Attorneys to Prepare and Try Cases

Date: 04/13/2012

The MAJ Family Law Section presents its annual
seminar. A panel of Masters will walk you through how
to prepare and try your family law case before them.


Kathi Hill, Hill & Barnes, LLC
Harry B. Siegel, The Law Offi ce of Harry B. Siegel, LLC
Special Guests
Master C. Teresa Beck,
Circuit Court for Baltimore County
Master Anna Benshoof,
Circuit Court for Baltimore City
Master Paul Bauer Eason,
Circuit Court for Prince George’s County
Master Mary M. Kramer,
Circuit Court for Howard County
Master Lisa S. Segel
Circuit Court for Montgomery County
Master Timothy P. Thurtle,
Circuit Court for Anne Arundel County
Master Ralph T. Uebersax,
Circuit Court for Carroll County

• Complaints and Answers: Guess no more what we are thinking.
• Emergency & Expedited Motions: Let us tell you why we are always denying... and occasionally granting them.
• Scheduling Conference: What to expect when you are not expecting.
• Court Services: The ins & outs of seeking home studies, custody evaluations, attorneys for children, parenting coordinators and more.
• Discovery: Do you really want to tell me about a discovery dispute at a pendente lite hearing?
• The Pendente Lite Hearing: Did you ask who I want to hear from, what documents I want to see, and how you can try your worst case?
• The List Server Questions: The masters give their answers.