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The Maryland Association for Justice, Inc. (MAJ) represents over 1,200 trial attorneys throughout the state of Maryland. MAJ advocates for the preservation of the civil justice system, the protection of the rights of consumers and the education and professional development of its members.


MAJ envisions a fair and impartial legal system that protects the rights and safety of all people. 


The Maryland Association for Justice is dedicated to improving and protecting the civil justice system through legislative advocacy and the professional development of trial lawyers.


The Maryland Association for Justice, Inc. strives continually to ensure that our membership, board, officers, staff, activities, committees and sections reflect and serve the diverse population of our state. We have an awareness of groups who have historically been discriminated against in our society. We seek to include those persons in all activities of the Association, thereby augmenting the diversity of the organization as a whole. In doing so, we will enhance our collective wisdom, strength and effectiveness.


Founded in 1954 by a small group of trial attorneys, MAJ was first known as the Maryland Plaintiff's Bar Association. As an unincorporated organization, this small group of lawyers held monthly meetings, invited guest speakers and spent many hours discussing trial tactics, settlement strategies, various points of law and legislative activity in Annapolis. Later, the Association incorporated as a non-profit, professional association and renamed itself the Maryland Trial Lawyers Association while developing a cooperative relationship with the American Association for Justice (AAJ). On October 29, 2008, the Association changed its name from the Maryland Trial Lawyers Association to the Maryland Association for Justice, Inc.


Since 1954, MAJ has been privileged to have many illustrious attorneys serve in their ranks. These leaders have made vast contributions to improve our civil justice system and better serve the public interest. The Simon K. Walton Civil Justice Award and Trial Lawyer of the Year honors these great leaders.

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