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Winning with Trump-Era Juries Webinar


This webinar is open only to plaintiffs' attorneys.

Please note: this webinar is only available to plaintiff attorneys and their staff. Registration for the webinar certifies that the attendee only does plaintiff work. We reserve the right to determine eligibility for webinar attendance.

Today's politically-divided climate hinders every kind of group agreement, political or otherwise, especially verdicts. When jurors hate or love Trump, they can create a toxic atmosphere in deliberations, and the unified jury you need for a decent verdict is in jeopardy. Reason and facts can often be counter-productive and risk derailing your case.

This half-day online seminar will teach easy strategies that turn the divide to your advantage (and why removing Trump voters in voir dire isn't the answer). After the webinar, attendees will continue to receive updated research an information, ensuring the edge for your next trial.


Advocacy During & After Trump
Understanding the Dynamics of Tribal Battle
Bridging the Divide (and Winning) in Opening
Dollar Strategy that Unites the Tribes
Finding and Dealing with Tribe-sensitive Case Weaknesses
Internet: Best friend, Worst enemy
Focus groups: Cheap/Free/Easy
Closing Arguments that Unite the Tribes

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