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MAJ's caucuses and member groups connect you with an active group of trial lawyers like you. Get involved today and build your network with trial lawyers and legal professionals from around the country, share your insights and experience, learn from others, and grow your referral base.

Minority Caucus

The MAJ Minority Caucus helps advance MAJ's mission by:

  • Providing positive minority trial lawyer role models to the community;
  • Broadening MAJ's membership base and increasing the number of minority members and allies;
  • Providing a support system of minority lawyers to network, socialize, and form professional relationships; and
  • Developing a minority leadership within MAJ and the trial lawyer community.

The Caucus will work with MAJ to develop education programs, hold service projects for minority and underserved communities, and promote a system of networking to ensure that MAJ membership and MAJ leadership reflect the minority segment of American society.

Petra Aaron
Petra Aaron


Renee Boston
Renee Boston

Boston Law Group, LLC

Women's Caucus

The MAJ Women's Caucus helps advance MAJ's mission by:

  • Increasing leadership role of women within the association;
  • Providing educational programing for MAJ member on issues affecting women in the law;
  • Mentoring of women attorneys;
  • Providing its members with a professional and social support network within the association; and
  • Expanding the membership of MAJ and doing things necessary to uphold and maintain the high standards of the legal profession and the administration of justice.


Kate Hodges
Kate Hodges
Law Office of Thomas S. Hood

Cara O'Brien
Cara O'Brien
Law Offices of Evan K. Thalenberg, P.A.